Version 2.x Deprecated Interface


 Object-Oriented SeaMAX 2.x Interface
 Functional SeaMAX 2.x Interface
 CEthernet Interface

Detailed Description

A deprecated interface has been provided for backwards-compatability with older projects using SeaMAX version 2.x.

This collection of deprecated functions is intended as a replacement for third party applications using SeaMAX v2. Sealevel can not guarantee that this API as a drop-in replacement, but will make every effort to provide support for applications upgrading from SeaMAX v2.

Because these functions are deprecated, Sealevel I/O products outside the SeaI/O module line (SeaI/O 410, 420, 430, 440, 450, 462, 463, 470, and 520) may not be supported by these functions. If you own Sealevel I/O products that are not covered by this deprecated API, please see the standard SeaMAX API for information on how to access those products.

These functions should not be used in new projects, as they scheduled for removal from future versions of the SeaMAX API. They have been added for backward support only.
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