int __stdcall SDL_GetName ( SDL_HANDLE  handle,
char *  deviceName 

Retrieve's the current SeaDAC Lite device's SeaMAX compatible name.

[in]handleValid handle returned by SDL_Initialize().
Return values
-1Invalid SDL_Initialize handle.
-2No devices have been found. Call SDL_SearchForDevices() first.
-3Parameter must not be zero.

The name returned by SDL_GetName is compatible with SM_Open() in the main SeaMAX API.

SeaDAC Lite modules may not return consecutive numbers such as SeaDAC Lite 0, 1, 2, etc. It is not uncommon, depending on the number and type of SeaDAC Lite modules being used, to see numbering that 'skips' or is non-consecutive.
The parameter 'deviceName' should have at least 20 bytes of allocated space before calling SDL_GetName.
Generated on Mon Nov 26 2018.