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Sealevel digital and analog I/O modules supported by the SeaMAX software suite are designed to work with third party applications via the SeaMAX API. To help simplify application development, the following documentation details the functions of the SeaMAX API. To help you get started, example code is included for popular languages and compilers.

There are four modules that are included in the SeaMAX API:

  • SeaMAX API
    The foundation of SeaMAX with functions for configuring, interfacing, and modifying supported Sealevel digital I/O modules and devices.
  • SeaMAX Ethernet Discovery / Configuration API
    The Ethernet module contains functions related to the discovery and configuration of Sealevel I/O devices with an Ethernet interface.
  • SeaDAC Lite Discovery API
    The SeaDAC Lite module contains the programmatic functions for locating and identifying SeaDAC Lite modules.
  • Version 2.x Deprecated Interface
    SeaMAX v3 has been completely rewritten with a focus on increasing speed and improving reliability. This module provides backwards compatibility with legacy SeaMAX v2 code.

Getting Started

The SeaMAX API manual contains numerous documents to assist you with application development. Three key documents are highlighted in order of importance.

The 'Modules' tab above lists all SeaMAX modules and their functions. For additional information regarding legacy products and technical specifications, please refer to the 'Related Pages' tab above.

Quickstart for Modbus Users

SeaI/O and SeaDAC modules are designed to be Modbus RTU / TCP compatible.


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Questions & Comments

Send your questions and comments to Sealevel Systems. For technical assistance, please include your model or part number and any device settings that may apply. Technical support is available Monday to Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM (US Eastern Time Zone, UTC-5 hours) by email ( or by phone at +1 (864) 843.4343.

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